About Us

About Us:

Boundless Grace Ministries

Boundless Grace Ministries (“BGM”) began as a lay ministry of Gary Greer initially sharing the message of God’s love and grace to individuals suffering or having suffered from mental illness. Over time, then ministry expanded to sharing this same message with inmates at King County Jail in Seattle. In 2014 the ministry expanded to sharing the gospel of grace in “Grace Groups” meeting in people’s homes. Beginning in 2015, Boundless Grace Ministries began sponsoring its “Grace Camps” in Ocean Shores WA (see Grace Camp tab for details) using nationally known grace-based speakers over a 2 day format.


One Body, One Faith, One Lord

We are a diverse group of believers united by our shared faith in a loving God revealed in and through the finished work of Jesus Christ. We welcome people to participate with us from a broad spectrum of Christian churches, denominations and spiritual backgrounds. We are not asking you to join anything, build this or any specific ministry but only to join us in encouraging one another in God’s love and grace in each others lives. We seek to bless your walk in the Lord and for you to carry back some extra grace to your home church or fellowship.

Our Prayer:

May We See You More Clearly, Love You More Dearly and Follow You More Nearly, Day by Day.